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Stamps, postmarks, postal stationery and postal history

The West Africa Study Circle, formed in 1950, is the international specialist society for the study of stamps, postal stationery and postal history of West Africa. It originated from small specialist groups which already existed and has undergone several expansions of scope.

The following philatelic areas are the ones covered in the most depth. The map shows where they are. From there, or from these links, you will find brief introductions to each area:

Ascension / Tristan da Cunha / Gough Is. Cameroons Gambia Gold Coast / Ghana
Nigeria St Helena Sierra Leone Togo
Additionally, several other areas are also included: British Postal Agencies on Madeira, Tenerife. St Vincent (Cape Verde Islands) and Fernando Po. Study dates from the earliest times and includes military campaigns, maritime, censorship and airmails.

If you wish to contact the Study Circle for information which does not appear on the site, please use this email address (remove spaces): webmanager @ wasc. org. uk


The latest (June 2020) "Additional document" is the NIPOST 2009 Post Office Guide. It is a downloadable PDF, though not searchable at present, but it has a detailed contents page.

The committee has agreed that all issues of Cameo previous to the latest five years will be digitised and freely available. The process of digitising is continuing and now includes all issues from 1 to 50 with some later. Click the CAMEO button above.

Our "Additional Documents" page has been tidied by identifying some papers under sectional headings. Newly there, under Maritime Documents, is a group of Elder Dempster sailing timetables, together with maps beautifully drawn by Peter Wingent (a sample map can be seen there)

Annual digital membership is reduced to £5

The updated Cameo index in Excel format for Volumes 1 to 20 is available here

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The Wreck of SS Jebba
Jebba wreck book
Our latest publication, drafted by Martin Evans before his death and now edited for publication by Rob May. The 48 page narrative part of the book is available at a retail price of £7.95 (discount for WASC members). It provides a combination of local history, maritime history, philately and deltiology (postcard collecting) and includes details of All the types and sub-types of wreck cachets are illustrated by scans of wreck covers (except one known manuscript cachet) and updates details in Hoggarth & Gwynn Maritime Disaster Mail. A wealth of additional local newspaper reports and scans of postcards is available on this website on our Additional Documents page. To purchase please go to our publications page.

Some other documents produced by members (RAF West Africa-Rabat, Shipping, Civil Aviation, Nigerian postmarks) are reached by links from the "Additional Documents" page.

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