West Africa Study Circle

The Wartime Atlantic Routes of Pan American Airways

This set of documents, introduced and compiled by WASC member John Wilson, gives details of PanAm flights across the Atlantic during the Second World War, December 1941 to October 1945. Substantial amounts of mail were carried.

John’s research took him to the University of Miami, where the Richter Library holds the Pan American archive. An index to the archive is also included in the documents here. The excellent maps have been produced by Peter Wingent.

John points out that the Trip Summaries remain in the possession and copyright of the Richter Library, and permission to reproduce was granted on the basis that the images are to be used for research and not for any commercial purposes. WASC reiterates that copyright agreement.

If you read the Introduction first, you will then understand the layout of the trip summaries. All the files can be downloaded.


Pan American files at Richter Library
Route 1 Route 2 Route 3
Route 4 Route 5 Route 6
Route 7 Route 8 Route 9
Route 10 Route 11 Route 12
Route 13 1943 to 1944 Route 13 1944 to 1945
Route 14 1943 to 1944 Route 14 1944 to 1945
Maps complete