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Links to additional documents produced by WASC members

Nigeria King George VI period postage rates
This document was gathered together by our late member Nigel Lutwyche. Some of the information has appeared in issues of Cameo and is reproduced here with some information that had not been previously published by WASC.

History of the U.S. Air Transport Command Africa and the Middle East May 1941 to July 1944
John Wilson has provided this PDF version of the history compiled at the end of World War II. He has created it directly from microfilm held at the United States Air Force Historical Research Agency. Its three parts are linked to this website. Go from here to the introductory page.

British Intervention in War-torn Sierra Leone, 1997-2015
Michael Dobbs, of the Forces Postal History Society, has written a monograph on this subject. It provides very useful background to the collecting of postal history material of this period and so has been published by WASC with a small hard-copy print run (listed on our publications page) and also made available free to download here for anyone interested.

Pan American Atlantic Routes in WW2
John Wilson's introduction and presentation of trip summaries of trans-Atlantic flights by Pan American Airways during World War II.

RAF West Africa-Rabat 1943-44
WASC members Barbara Priddy and Peter Wingent have written a substantial article on the R.A.F. West Africa - Rabat Service from November 1943 to March 1944, when BOAC services terminated at Rabat, Morocco. The complete text, together with some illustrated covers, is available as a PDF file from the link. Copyright is reserved by the authors. Permission is given to readers to print the document for their own personal, non-commercial use.

Civil Aviation Authority records
West Africa Study Circle member John Wilson has made a superb job of transcribing Civil Aviation Authority records of World War Two. This has led to the document attached here which details Empire and Trans-Oceanic airline services during each of the war years. This will be of invaluable help to philatelic researchers, and not simply those of British West Africa. John wishes it to be made available to all readers whether members or not of the Study Circle. It is not to be used for commercial publication without his permission.

The Triangular Route
The following links are for both the text of and the tables accompanying the article "Slave Trading: the Triangular Route, 1799-1800" which appears in Cameo volume 9 number 4 (July 2006).
Text; notes on tables; shipping movements; ships.

NIGERIA Cancellations
Here is a searchable spreadsheet of Nigerian town and village names created by member Graeme Murray from our publication "The Cancellations and Postmarks of Nigeria 1914-1980" by Neville Jones. Graeme retains the copyright to the spreadsheet but he is making it freely available to members. It will assist you in identifying offices when only a part of the cancellation is legible. There is also a document listing in text form all the offices in the book. Note also that WASC member Paul Redhead has collated information on Nigerian postmarks from various sources and continues to update it. His lists are online.