West Africa Study Circle

Cameo, the Circle's journal

The journal of the West Africa Study Circle has been published since 1975. During that period there have been just four editors. Cameo appears three times each year, in January, June and October. It is in A4 format, typically with over sixty pages of a wide range of articles and comment. There are sections reviewing recently published literature and auction reports. The magazine has been awarded medals at national and international philatelic competitions including in 2016 a gold medal at the American Philatelic Society Stampshow. In addition to Cameo, there is a Secretary's newsletter distributed with each issue detailing news of the Study Circle and its meetings.

Digital copies of the early issues (currently 1 to 20) are available for download or reading on the screen.

Here is the the contents list of the January 2018 edition.

Editor’s notes


Letters to the Editor: Mitchell


Obituary—Robert J. Maddocks


Gold Coast 1942 AV2 cachet

Jeremy Martin

Big Qua Town Postal Agency, Nigeria

Edet Akpan

KEVII Imperium style Key Plate issues

Peter Fernbank

Nigeria KGVI 1d watermark inverted

Richard Campbell

Southern Nigeria  Cash on Delivery service

Rob May

Cameroun Sterling  & Reunification issue Specimens

Marty Bratzel

Treasure Trove of Cameroun: Jean-Xavier Goetz legacy

Michel Collet

Victoria, West Coast of Africa 1868

Jeremy Martin

Missent to Accra, Ghana

Jeremy Martin

Nigerian Army Cachets during the Biafra War

Michael Wright

Nigerian Commemoratives since 2012

Ray Harris

Sierra Leone to England via French Air Service, 1930

Jeremy Martin

In Brazilian harbour; Capt, Triebe of Henny Woermann

Erich Schlieper

Mail from Kamerun at start of WWI

John Mayne

Last mail from German Togo before WWI

John Mayne

Lagos Machine Postmark, 1990-91

Jeremy Martin

Ghana: redenomination of the Cedi in 2007

Nicholas Pertwee

Northern Nigeria date of issue of the first stamps

Ray Harris

Kwitta, Gold Coast; incoming PS wrapper from GB

John Courtis

Sierra Leone Aerogrammes

Peter Rolfe

Cameroons: Feb 1915 inbound Advice of  Receipt

Rob May

Sierra Leone Xmas air letter

Jeremy Martin

Sapele, Southern Nigeria Type 7C cancel

Stanley Field

St Helena—another censor (WJPM) unmasked

Wilf Vevers

Sierra Leone civil unrest in the 21st Century

Jeremy Martin

Articles of interest published in Other Journals



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