West Africa Study Circle

Cameo, the Circle's journal

The journal of the West Africa Study Circle has been published since 1975. During that period there have been just four editors. Cameo appears three times each year, in January, June and October. It is in A4 format, typically with over sixty pages of a wide range of articles and comment. There are sections reviewing recently published literature and auction reports. The magazine has been awarded medals at national and international philatelic competitions including in 2016 a gold medal at the American Philatelic Society Stampshow. In addition to Cameo, there is a Secretary's newsletter distributed with each issue detailing news of the Study Circle and its meetings.

Digital copies of the early issues (currently 1 to 20) are available for download or reading on the screen.

Here is the the contents list of the June 2017 edition.

Editor’s notes


Letters to the Editor: Anderson, Hossack, Mark


Articles of interest published in Other Journals


WW2 air services calling in West Africa


Auction: John Sacher West Africa 13 December 2016

Martin J J & Hossack J

Auction: Stefan F. Heijtz St. Helena 27 April 2017

Martin J J & Hossack J

Sources Stanley Gibbons catalogue, French Colonies, 1st edition, 2016,

review by Michael Round

Nigerian 2017 legal challenges to the N50 Stamp Duty

Eddy Akpan

Statistics for NIPOST in 2016


East African censor mark used in Nigeria

Ray Harris

Unrecorded Cork Cancel of St Helena

Ron Collin

1911 Timber Licence from Southern Nigeria

Taddeo Papi

UPU presentation packs, Brussels Congress 1952

Jeremy Martin

Mail Route from French Guinea to Togo in 1906

John Mayne

African Steamship Company Bill of Lading

John Hossack

Cameroun internment camps—continued

Parren, Collet & Bratzel

Garoua, Cameroun mystery postmark

Rob May

Forgeries of Nigerian Stamps

Paul Redhead

Gold Coast Obuassi manuscript taxe mark

Jeremy Martin

Cameroun displaced overprint on 1915 75c stamps

Michel Collet

Dumb postmark used at Wellington, Sierra Leone?

Philip Quirk

Sierra Leone  B.B.W.A. registration label

Philip Quirk

WW1 Gold Coast Censor: a possible artefact

John Mayne

Sierra Leone 5s 1d air mail rate to USA from 1942

Frank Walton

Lagos Government Steam Launch Mail Service 1899

Simon Heap

Bigger uniforms for larger Nigerian postal staff 1926

Simon Heap

WW1 diversion of censorships: request for information

Graham Mark

1906 cover from N Nigeria found open aboard Packet

Patrick Frost & Rob May

Gold Coast; new postmark discoveries

Philip Levine

GB PS wrapper to Victoria, Cameroon

John Courtis

Gambia Machine Cancellers

Oliver Andrew

Gambia PS registered envelope RP10; does it exist?

Oliver Andrew

Gambia 1941: a forces mail query

Oliver Andrew


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