West Africa Study Circle

Cameo, the Circle's journal

The journal of the West Africa Study Circle has been published since 1975. During that period there have been just four editors. Cameo appears three times each year, in January, June and October. It is in A4 format, typically with over sixty pages of a wide range of articles and comment. There are sections reviewing recently published literature and auction reports. The magazine has been awarded medals at national and international philatelic competitions including in 2016 a gold medal at the American Philatelic Society Stampshow. In addition to Cameo, there is a Secretary's newsletter distributed with each issue detailing news of the Study Circle and its meetings.

Digital copies of the early issues (currently 1 to 20) are available for download or reading on the screen.

Here is the the contents list of the January 2017 edition.

Editor’s notes


Letters to the Editor: Hossack, Loew, Mayne, Lowther, Hørlyck (2)


Obituary—John Sacher CBE FRPSL


The Post Office at Obot Idim, Nigeria in 2016

Eddy Akpan

Sources Gabon & Rio Muni: … by Bill Mitchell, review

Rob May

Articles of interest published in Other Journals


Nigerian Government Gazettes acquired by WASC

Simon Heap

Gold Coast 1875 6d frame flaw

Jeremy Martin

Lagos Government Gazettes, 1903

Simon Heap

Togo: the Gold Coast style cancel at Agome Palime

Jeremy Martin

Lokoja Oval Handstamp

Ray Harris

Northern Nigeria’s First Postmaster Frederick Adye

Simon Heap

Capture of SS Appam in 1916

John Mayne

British PoW captured on SS Appam

Reg Gleave

Perforated Gambia Cameos review

John Russell

Airmail cover Jos to Fort Lamy in December 1942

Tony Nicholson

Cameroun WWII; Batschenga and Mokolo camps

Marty Bratzel

Postage Meter machines in Nigeria and Cameroons

Bob Maddocks

Nigeria WWII: German and French internees

Wright M & Bratzel M

Gambia P.UK cover

Oliver Andrew

RAF West Africa forces handstamps

Barbara Priddy

Gold Coast Honour Envelopes

Jeremy Martin

Ndop, Cameroun—negative cachets

Wright M & Bratzel M

RAF West Africa—Rabat service 1943-44, part 1

Barbara Priddy

RAF West Africa—Rabat service 1943-44, part 2

Peter Wingent

Ghana 1988 Provisional Definitives, C20 overprints

Nicholas Pertwee

Why Togo?

John Mayne

Togo; 20/- used Missing O of Occupation (SG H46f)

Chris Jackson

Sokode, Togo to Seccondee, Gold Coast 1918

John Mayne

Tripoli to Kano 1905-1906

Jack Ince & John Davies

WWII: Timbuktu PoW camp

Jeremy Martin

Nigeria Passed by Unit Censor 25

Tony Plumbe

WASC Library List

Ian Anderson

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