West Africa Study Circle       

Documents relating to Ghana and the Gold Coast

Gold Coast monographs

From the 1950s onwards, Study Editors compiled documents on various aspects of WASC philately for circulation amongst interested members. In some cases the information therein was published in Cameo, or incorporated into books. However, not all such is already in the public domain, and we have added links below from which you can view and download copies of monographs relating to the Gold Coast.

Gold Coast - the rare 20s stamp by Higlett.pdf
Gold Coast cancellations 1901 to 1957 by Cameron.pdf
Gold Coast cancellations checklist by Cameron.pdf
Gold Coast GB-overprinted postal stationery by Kiddle.pdf
Gold Coast manuscript and straight line cancellations by Newroth and Ensor.pdf
Gold Coast notes on the 1876-79 issue by McCaig April 1967.pdf
Gold Coast notes on the handstruck stamps by Cameron Nov 1965.pdf
Gold Coast provisional issue of 1889 by Cameron Nov 1965.pdf
Gold Coast Travelling Post Offices by McCaig.pdf
Gold Coast. The postage stamps of the Gold Coast by Macrae.pdf
Gold Coast Mail Service Timetables 1950 by Duggan.pdf

Gold Coast memories

Peter Duggan FRPSL served as an artillery officer in the Gold Coast in 1951. This 20 page memoir describes some of his experiences there.

Ghana Postal Markings supplement

This 43 page document gives a few corrections and a substantial update (October 2021) to the book "Ghana Postal Markings from 1957" by Ian Anderson and Philip Quirk