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Documents which are related to maritime history, offered by WASC members

The Triangular Route
The following links are for both the text of and the tables accompanying the article "Slave Trading: the Triangular Route, 1799-1800" which appears in Cameo volume 9 number 4 (July 2006).
Text; notes on tables; shipping movements; ships.

The Wreck of SS Jebba
At this link you can find the Appendices - particularly contemporary newspaper reports and postcards - of the book drafted by Martin Evans and edited by Rob May, of which the first section is published in printed form by WASC (see our publications page)

Elder Dempster
Maps of routes for 1906 and 1928 drawn by Peter Wingent and copies of timetables for those years by courtesy also of Peter. All are in PDF format.

Timetables for 1906
Timetables for 1928
Map Peter Wingent
Maps for 1906
Maps for 1928