West Africa Study Circle

Documents which are related to Nigeria and the Cameroons, offered by WASC members

Scans of Nigeria Post & Telegraphs Annual Reports 1915-1938
Courtesy of Michael Wright, who had copies of the reports, and Rob May, who scanned them, the linked page allows downloading of searchable PDFs of reports for each of these years.

Bob Maddocks Cameroons Covers
This 101-page file contains some of the background materials that Bob Maddocks used in the preparation of his 1996 publication, The Postal Arrangements of the Anglo-French Cameroons Expeditionary Force 1914-1916.  The file consists primarily of covers, postmarks and cachets associated with both the British and the French contingents of the C.E.F. Also included  are some illustrations and correspondence. Thanks are extended to Peter Hørlyck for scanning the material so that collectors, postal historians and others may benefit from Bob's research.

Nominal roll of the British share of the CEF contingent in Cameroons in WW1
This 16-page PDF was copied by Bob Maddocks at the National Archives with reference WO.158/5/30. Annotations and page 16 are by Bob himself.

Nigeria King George VI period postage rates
This document was gathered together by our late member Nigel Lutwyche. Some of the information has appeared in issues of Cameo and is reproduced here with some information that had not been previously published by WASC.

NIGERIA Cancellations
Note also that WASC member Paul Redhead has collated information on Nigerian postmarks from various sources and continues to update it. His lists are online.