West Africa Study Circle

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British West Africa and the French Airmail Services to 1940
The Agents of the General Post Office in West Africa during the 19th Century (REPRINT) Beale
The Wreck of SS Jebba Evans ed.May
West Africa in the British Library Philatelic Collections Martin & Powell
West African Airmails (REPRINT) Priddy
West African Censorship - Third Edition Martin, Walton & Harris
West African Forces Air Mail Letter Cards, Air Letters & Honour Envelopes 1942-1945 Daynes & Lutwyche
West African GPO Notices - SOLD OUT Beale & Walton
West African Post Offices - SOLD OUT Walton
Ascension (and see St Helena)
Ascension Island: the Crown Agents Records Beale
Ascension Island: The Post Office Accounts November 1923 to December 1932 Mabbett
Ascension Island's Post Office 1922-24 Beale
Mail from Ascension 1817-1901 Attwood
Mail from Ascension 1897-1976 Attwood
The Postmarks and Postal History of Cameroun Under French Administration 1916-1959 Bratzel
The Postal Markings of the Gambia Duncan & Andrew
Gambia Perforated Cameos Rose
Gold Coast/Ghana
Ghana Postal Markings from 1957 Anderson & Quirk £15
Gold Coast Mail Service Timetables Duggan £5
Gold Coast Stamps Postal Stationery rates KE VII Ensor
Gold Coast Picture Postcards Dickinson
Gold Coast Postmarks 1875-1957 (3rd Edition 2012) Anderson
The Postal Services of the Gold Coast 1901-57 Ensor
Advertisements in the GV Booklets SB1-SB5 of Nigeria (digital and paper versions) Murray
£5 digital; £11 paper
Aerogrammes of Nigeria 1948 to 2000 Harris
Collecting Nigerian Cancellations (digital and paper versions) [433 pages wire-bound]
digital is free of charge; £40 paper
Nigeria: A Study of the Sterling Definitive Postage Stamps Since Independence 1961-1972
Martin, May & Harris
Oil Rivers & Niger Coast Surcharged Provisionals & Bisected Stamps - from RPSL Sacher
The Cancellations and Postmarks of Nigeria 1914-1980 (2nd Edn) Jones
Biafra: The Stamps, History and Postal History 121 pages (REPRINT) SOLD OUT Prestedge
St Helena
St Helena, the Postal, Instructional and Censor Markings 1815-2000 Mabbett
Sierra Leone
The Postmarks of Sierra Leone 1854-1961 Second Edition Walton, Quirk, Hamilton, Horry
The Postal Service of Sierra Leone Beale
Sierra Leone 2½d on 2s - 4th edition (digital only) Walton
Sierra Leone Certified Postmark Impressions - 2nd edition (digital only) Walton
Sierra Leone King George VI Definitive Stamps Walton
Sierra Leone Postcards - 2nd edition Dickinson £5
The Start of the Great War in West Africa (*note below) Jackson £15.71
Togo Overprints on Stamps of the Gold Coast 1915-1920 (REPRINT) Duggan
Togo Postal History of Anglo-French Occupation 1914-1922 (REPRINT) - SOLD OUT Martin & Walton

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