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Collecting Gold Coast / Ghana: EVII and GV Keyplates


Victorian material

EVII, GV Keyplates

Pictorial definitives 1928-1952

QE2 and early independence

Decimal period

GV 1d
TOGO overprint

Although Edward VII was barely on the throne for ten years, three sets were issued, the second featuring a change of watermark in the paper used and the third as colour changes were required to fall in line with other Empire issuers. In 1908 a new ld was issued (fig. 6) of a quite different design which, although also used in George V's reign, was strangely not repeated for any other value.

With the onset of the First World War in 1914, the neighbouring German territory of Togo was quickly occupied jointly by the French and British. Initially German colonial issues for Togo and then stamps of Gold Coast were overprinted "Anglo-French Occupation" (fig. 7). Perhaps because of the haste with which this task was carried out locally a number of typesetting errors occurred, which are collected (Ref. 2.) Mail out of Gold Coast was censored and there are several sought after censor marks on outgoing covers. (Ref. 3)

Ref 2. Togo Overprints on Stamp of Gold Coast — PD Duggan, WASC

Ref 3. West Africa Censorship — JJ Martin, FW Walton, RHJ Harris, WASC