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Cameo, the Circle's journal

The journal of the West Africa Study Circle has been published since 1975. During that period there have been just four editors. Cameo appears three times each year, in January, June and October. It is in A4 format, typically with over sixty pages of a wide range of articles and comment. There are sections reviewing recently published literature and auction reports. The magazine has been awarded medals at national and international philatelic competitions including in 2016 a gold medal at the American Philatelic Society Stamp Show. In addition to Cameo, there is a Secretary's newsletter distributed with each issue detailing news of the Study Circle and its meetings.

Digital copies of issues to number 107 (June 2019) are available for download.

Here is the contents list of the October 2023 edition.

Editor’s Notes  
Letters to the Editor:
Hossack, Round, Redhead, Sibsey
The Future for Philatelic Journalism - a few Thoughts for Discussion

Rob May

Context Philately Rob May
Articles of Interest Published in Other Journals  
Obituary: Michael J Roberts Barry Burns
Obituary: Dudley R Cobb Marty Bratzel
Sources: Conversations with Philatelists: Episode 8 (YouTube) Rob May
Sources: Stamps Aren't Cool: Episode 2 (YouTube) Rob May
Post Office Buildings at Duala, Kamerun - 1887 to 1914 Heap, Bratzel
British West Africa: The 'Besancon' Collection (Part II) Auction Tony Plumbe
Frank Walton's Sierra Leone Collection at Spink e-Auction John Hossack
'Southern Provinces 1915' Nigeria Postmark Query S Roche
Late 1d Lilac in Northern Nigeria Ray Harris
September 1945: End of Postal Control in Cameroun B Lebourcq
Current Postal Affairs in The Gambia Marc Parren
DH86 Daedalus Accident at El Geneina, April 1937 P Wingent
The Accounts for St Helena's First Stamp Issues 1856 - 1868 B Mabbett


The Cameo Index volumes 1 to 24 covers all issues up to the end of 2023. It is organised alphabetically by administration, and available as an Excel file which may be downloaded and searched by topic, country or author.

If you would like to write for Cameo, the Guidelines for an Article suggest formats acceptable by the editors.