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Documents related to Nigeria and the Cameroons

Scans of Nigeria Post & Telegraphs Annual Reports 1915-1941, 1944-1963, and information about Nigerian postal charges in 1921, 1923 and 1932. These are all available at this linked page.and are reproduced here courtesy of Michael Wright, who had copies of some the reports, and also with acknowledgement to the British Library for allowing us to reproduce their microfilm images from 1944 to 1952. Thanks also to Rob May, who scanned paper copies and both acquired and organised the British Library microfilm images. Currently some of the files are downloadable PDFs while others are in screen-readable format.

Lagos and Southern Nigeria Annual Reports on the Postal Department
From the archives of Jack Ince, also scanned by Rob May, the reports for several years are here as PDFs.

Annual Colonial Reports
Niger Coast 1899, Southern Nigeria 1900, Nigeria 1920.

Nigeria Postal Regulations 1917 and Post Office Ordinances for 1916 and 1928
A PDF for the first is here, for the 1916 ordinance here, for the 1928 ordinance here.

Bob Maddocks Cameroons Covers
This 101-page file contains some of the background materials that Bob Maddocks used in the preparation of his 1996 publication, The Postal Arrangements of the Anglo-French Cameroons Expeditionary Force 1914-1916. The file consists primarily of covers, postmarks and cachets associated with both the British and the French contingents of the C.E.F. Also included  are some illustrations and correspondence. Thanks are extended to Peter Hørlyck for scanning the material so that collectors, postal historians and others may benefit from Bob's research.

Nominal roll of the British share of the CEF contingent in Cameroons in WW1
This 16-page PDF was copied by Bob Maddocks at the National Archives with reference WO.158/5/30. Annotations and page 16 are by Bob himself.

Nigeria King George VI period postage rates
This document was gathered together by our late member Nigel Lutwyche. Some of the information has appeared in issues of Cameo and is reproduced here with some information that had not been previously published by WASC.

Nigeria Postal Service Post Office Guide 2009 and Postal Tariffs 2001
The 2009 Guide was scanned by Edet Akpan in Calabar, organised further and translated to PDF by Peter Hørlyck and Paul Redhead: many thanks to each of those members. The PDF is not searchable. The 2001 Tariff booklet was also photographed by Edet Akpan.

Nigeria Stamps - 1914 to 1936
Neville Jones produced this 31 page monograph in 1983. It is packed with information about printings, papers, trials, and quantities despatched

Nigeria Travelling Post Offices
Although other authors (eg Jack Ince, Rob May) have written about Nigerian Travelling Post Offices more recently, Colin McCaig published a monograph on the subject in 1963, and updated it in 1976. Click the dates for the two versions.

Northern Nigeria Type 2 cancels
Ray Harris' 2014 monograph gives detailed information about the Ince and Sacher type 2 Northern Nigeria cancellations, known from 1903 to well after 1914. Type 2 cancellers were used at almost all of the Post Offices in Northern Nigeria. Larger offices had several distinct types, and Ray's work gives dimensions and images for them.

Nigeria Post Officer's memories
This 4 page article from Post Office Magazine 1958 describes an ex-patriate Post Office official's memories of post office modernisation just before independence. Thanks to John Powell and Rob May for the scan.

Old article on Niger Coast provisional issues
Scan from Rob May of 1956 article by RC Agabeg based on a talk given to the RPSL.

West Africa Airmail covers
63 pages of covers and other related material, mostly to or from Nigeria, scanned by John Wilson from his collection and offered in the March 2024 WASC Auction. Includes a few Gold Coast, and a couple of (pre-airmail!) covers from before 1914.

Nigeria Postal Agencies
Nigeria Postal Agencies is a .pdf file of 62 pages describes a display given by Rob May. In it he addresses the questions: 'how many postal agencies were there in Nigeria?'; 'how were new postal agencies justified?'; 'what did it take for them later to be upgraded to departmental POs?'

Postcards of Transport in Nigeria to 1950
Postcards of Transport in Nigeria to 1950 is a 38 page .pdf file of a talk given by Ray Harris to WASC members in September 2017.

Fort Stuart and the Post Office Service of the Niger Coast Protectorate
TA Wall wrote this fascinating account in 1900.

Lagos postal history
A Postal history of Lagos by John Sacher (1978) and Lagos stamps and postal stationery by Jack Ince (1979) predate their authoritative 'Postal Services of the British Nigeria Region prior to 1914', published by the RPSL in 1992.

Oil Rivers / Niger Coast cancellations and stamps
Cancellations of Oil Rivers & Niger Coast Protectorate was compiled as a WASC Members' Bulletin by Osborne and Ince in 1975. Its 33 pages illustrate caceller types and tabulate use dates and offices. They followed up with a 5 page addendum. In 1976 they published a 40 page bulletin describing the Oil Rivers / Niger Coast stamps.

Lagos issues stamped in Brazil
Lagos issues stamped in Brazil by Ince (1973) is a four-page article, casting a sidelight on an important influence on Lagos commerce

Northern Nigeria
An early WASC bulletin (undated) by Colin McCaig surveying postal history, stamps and cancellations of Northern Nigeria. 15 pages.

Southern Nigeria KEVII
The Edwardian stamps of Southern Nigeria by Frankland (1969). 16 pages on the stamps' design, printing provcess and issuance.

Description of display to the RPSL in 1966
On 1 December 1966 the (then) British West African study Circle gave a major display at the RPSL, featuring much scarce material. The display summary, 12 pages long, gives a brief description of each of the 192 sheets in the Nigeria section of the display - interesting for provenance!

A first philatelic study of Biafra
A first philatelic study of Biafra by Dudley Prestedge, which he later expanded into a WASC book on Biafra. 20 pages.

Nigerian Military Markings 1967-1970
Nigerian Military Markings 1967-1970 by Don van Reken. Illustrated, 12 pages

British Cameroons postal history 1914-61 by Michael Wright
British Cameroons postal history 1914-61 by Michael Wright Illustrated, 27 pages