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Documents relating to Sierra Leone

British Intervention in War-torn Sierra Leone, 1997-2015
Michael Dobbs, of the Forces Postal History Society, has written a monograph on this subject. It provides very useful background to the collecting of postal history material of this period and is available free to download here.

From the 1950s onwards, Study Editors compiled documents on various aspects of WASC philately for circulation amongst interested members. In some cases the information therein was published in Cameo, or incorporated into books. However, not all such is already in the public domain, and we have added links below from which you can view and download copies of monographs relating to Sierra Leone.

S Leone 1876-77 issue.pdf
S Leone handstruck stamps and postmarks by McCaig.pdf
S Leone patrol post cancellations by McCaig.pdf
S Leone POs and agencies 1962-63.pdf
S Leone postmarks by Beale 1984.pdf
S Leone- the first type 6d by Macmillan and Mccaig.pdf
S Leone Travelling PO by Kidd.pdf