West Africa Study Circle

Displays from 6 March 2021

On 6 March 2021 our usual meeting in person was replaced by a Zoom meeting at which there were two excellent main displays, as publicised in advance. These were supplemented by 6 short displays from members. They have now been translated into PDF files which can be downloaded below. It was good to have our main displays from overseas members, and we will be considering how our non-UK membership can take a more regular part in some of our meetings.

Main presentation

Marc Parren (Netherlands): Mail from Liberia during the civil war

Supplementary presentations

Peter Wingent: Deutsche Lufthansa flights to West Africa during the Spanish civil war

Frank Walton: Censored in Gambia in World War II

Tony Simmonds: The 1936 KGV definitives of Nigeria and unaccepted designs

Ray Harris: Three Nigerian Novelties

Simon Heap: Nigerian stamps from the 1970s illustrating vaccines