West Africa Study Circle       

WASC Organisation

WASC is run by volunteer members. Officers have specific roles as shown below. The Study Editors listed below the officers are experts in their areas.

If you are a WASC Member you will find contact details for officers and editors at the front of your Confidential Members' List. Otherwise please get in touch via the WASC Secretary, Paul Redhead, (paul@redsite.org).

WASC Officers

President 2022-24 Tony Plumbe
Vice-President 2022-24 Philip Quirk
Treasurer Philip Quirk
Secretary Paul Redhead
Membership Secretary John Hossack
Auctioneer Graeme Murray
Archivist Ian Anderson
Bookseller Rob May
Cameo Editors Barry Burns & Rob May
North American Representative Marty Bratzel
Nigerian Representative Edet Akpan
Web Managers Ray Harris and Paul Redhead


WASC Study Editors

Airmails Barbara Priddy
Ascension Bernard Hughes
Biafra Tony Plumbe
Cameroons Marty Bratzel
The Gambia John Russell
Gold Coast Peter Duggan
Ghana Ian Anderson
Lagos Simon Heap
Maritime Mail John Hossack
Niger Coast and the Nigerias to 1914 Simon Heap
Nigeria (post 1914) Tony Plumbe
St. Helena Bernard Mabbett
Sierra Leone (pre-independence) Majed Halawi
Sierra Leone (post 1961) Peter Rolfe
Togo Jeremy Martin
Tristan da Cunha / Gough Island Richard Moss